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Welcome to the Oxford Law Society. It is one of the largest and most recognised societies at the University of Oxford, serving as students’ primary resource into the legal profession.


President’s Address

Dear Members, 

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Oxford Law Society in Michaelmas term 2021. We are the biggest subject-based society in all of Oxford, offering members unmatched access to the top employers in the legal industry. Our classic offerings include exciting social events and informative workshops to develop your interests. 

We are here to offer the Society’s unwavering support for your academic and career ambitions. Alongside a variety of presentations to increase your commercial awareness and which touch on topical issues like diversity and ESG, we are proud to present brand new initiatives to make the most of this term. First, a weekly Careers Newsletter introducing you to useful resources, including advice from Oxford alumni in all legal careers and at all stages thereof. Second, a mentorship scheme that matches mentees with seniors who have been through similar applications processes themselves. This term, we hope to deliver value to our members through increasing your exposure to alternative paths in law and spotlighting the learning opportunities that remote learning provides. 

It is a great privilege to be President of the Oxford Law Society in any circumstance, but this position comes with many challenges. I am incredibly grateful to my Executive Committee for believing in my vision: the Vice-President, Ilana Cantor, for her dedication and for being the most enthusiastic person to bounce ideas off of; the Secretary, Frantisek Jezek, for his meticulous approach to tasks and endless patience. The General Committee play an equally indispensable role in making sure the various aspects of the Society are running smoothly from day-to-day – for their hard work and support, I am extremely appreciative. 

I hope you enjoy Hilary term with the Oxford Law Society, feel free to reach out to me with your suggestions or issues, and I look forward to seeing you at our events. 

Bartek Trzos 


Oxford Law Society 


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