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Welcome to the Oxford Law Society. It is one of the largest and most recognised societies at the University of Oxford, serving as students’ primary resource into the legal profession.


President’s Address

Dear Members

It is my pleasure to warmly welcome all of you back to the Oxford Law Society for Trinity Term 2020. I hope this message finds you all well during these tough and unprecedented times. Whilst it is impossible for the Society (amongst many other things) to operate as normal, this term we endeavour to maintain the same standards through the use of virtual networking.

I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to lead this society, and am hugely thankful for the help of Samantha Hynes, Gregory Howgego and Shaun Miskelly, the wonderful Executive Committee whomst I am working alongside, who have all put in such great effort to ensure this term is able to run despite the circumstances. I must also extend thanks to our sponsors, without whom none of this would have been possible.

An online presentation with City Solicitors Horizons will be starting our term, aiming to provide us all with more information and knowledge on what they are doing to improve access to the legal profession. This will be followed by other enthralling events, such as a talk from Rare Recruitment, the leaders in diversity graduate recruitment. For those looking to other areas of the law, we will be enjoying a presentation from Brittany Peet, the Deputy General Counsel at PETA, amongst other incredible events.

I would like to extend a huge thanks to our members, for their continued support and engagement through these times. You all continue to motivate us to work our hardest, and continue to provide as best we can for the Society. I hope you all are able to stay safe and well, whether you are enjoying the events laid out for this term, or looking towards joining the committee. Have a good term, and I look forward to sharing Trinity with you all!

Rehaan Bapoo

President, Oxford Law Society

Rehaan Bapoo, President


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