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The Oxford Law Society holds elections every term for positions on its General Committee, including the election of President Elect, Vice President Elect and Treasurer Elect. Those elected to these roles, along with a Secretary, form the Executive Committee for the following term. Below are the lists of those who served on the committees in recent terms.

PresidentNobel Basser (Engineering, Lincoln College)
Vice PresidentDaniel Leroni (Law, St John’s College)
TreasurerViola Han-Smith (Classics, New College)
SecretaryGeorge Twinn (Law, St Hilda’s College)
President ElectBecca Crisp (Law, Keble College)
Vice President ElectLorraine Dindi (Law, Trinity College)
Treasurer ElectAndy Roszkowiski (Law, St John’s College)
Social SecretaryAkshay Prasad (Law, University College)
Events OfficerSam Sherr (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Events OfficerAdrian Burbie (Law, Merton College)
Diversity OfficerJulian Quak (Law, University College)
Membership OfficerCaleb-Daniel Oyekanmi (Law, Mansfield College)
Membership OfficerFrances Walsh (Philosophy and Theology, Keble College)
Marketing OfficerOliver Black (Classics, New College)
Marketing OfficerElena Margetts (Law, Trinity College)
Ball OfficerDivya Bhatoolal (Law, Lincoln College)
Ball OfficerKiki Power (Music, Lincoln College)
IT OfficerJacob Alston (Law, The Queen’s College)
Verdict EditorYee Kwan Law (Bio Chemistry, University College)
PresidentDavid Stuart (Classics, University College)
Vice PresidentNia Williams (Law, St Hilda’s College)
TreasurerLouis Skinner (Chemistry, Wadham College)
SecretaryKatie Rivers (Law, St Catherine’s College)
President ElectNobel Basser (Engineering, Lincoln College)
Vice President ElectDaniel Leroni (Law, St John’s College)
Treasurer ElectViola Han-Smith (Classics, New College)
Social SecretaryCaleb-Daniel Oyekanmi (Law, Mansfield College)
Events OfficerDivya Bhatoolal (Law, Lincoln College)
Diversity Officer (Events)Lorraine Dindi (Law, Trinity College)
Membership OfficerJulian Manieson (Law, St Peter’s College)
Membership OfficerAkshay Prasad (Law, University College)
Membership OfficerOliver Black (Classics, New College)
Marketing OfficerOpe Oreyemi (Law, Keble College)
Marketing OfficerGeorge Twinn (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Ball OfficerBecca Crisp (Law, Keble College)
Ball OfficerAthena Ng (Law, St Anne’s College)
Verdict EditorAndy Roszkowski (Law, St John’s College)
IT OfficerYee Kwan Law (Bio Chemistry, University College)
PresidentAli Qureshi (Law, Worcester College)
Vice PresidentMaddy Hayes (Law, Jesus College)
TreasurerBen Atkins (Law, St Hilda’s College)
SecretarySubha Kumar (Law, Lincoln College)
President ElectDavid Stuart (Classics, University College)
Vice President ElectNia Williams (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Treasurer ElectLouis Skinner (Chemistry, Wadham College)
Social SecretaryCatherine Fellows (Law, Christchurch)
Events OfficerNobel Basser (Engineering, Lincoln College)
Events OfficerKatie Rivers (Law, St Catherine’s College
Events OfficerJulian Manieson (Law, St Peter’s College)
Membership OfficerDaniel Leroni (Law, St John’s College)
Marketing OfficerCaleb Daniel-Oyekanmi (Law, Mansfield College)
Marketing OfficerPamela Gorska (Law, Lincoln College)
Ball OfficerJosh Clements (Law, St John’s College)
Ball OfficerAthena Ng (Law, St Anne’s College)
Ball OfficerSophia Bangham (Law, Trinity College)
Verdict EditorViola Han-Smith (Classics, New College)
IT OfficerYee Kwan Law (Bio Chemistry, University College)
PresidentAmith Yedugondla (Law, St John’s College)
Vice PresidentChloe Lettington (Law, Mansfield College)
TreasurerKhadija Khatun (Law, St John’s College)
SecretarySuzy Norman (Law, Jesus College)
President ElectAli Qureshi (Law, Worcester College)
Vice President ElectMaddy Hayes (Law, Jesus College)
Treasurer ElectBen Atkins (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Social SecretaryLouis Skinner (Chemistry, Wadham College)
Events OfficerPamela Gorska (Law, Lincoln College)
Events OfficerSubha Kumar (Law, Lincoln College)
Membership OfficerSophia Bangham (Law, Trinity College)
Membership OfficerViola Han-Smith (Classics, New College)
Marketing OfficerJosh Clements (Law, St John’s College)
Marketing OfficerTim Koch (Law, Jesus College)
Ball OfficerNia Williams (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Ball OfficerCatherine Fellows (Law, Christchurch)
Verdict EditorDavid Stuart (Classics, University College)


PresidentJeremy Yao (Law, St Edmund’s Hall)
Vice PresidentSophie Aitmehdi (Law, Regent’s Park College)
TreasurerAli Wathan (Law, Somerville College)
SecretaryGemma Mills (Law, New College)
President ElectAmith Yedugondla (Law, St John’s College)
Vice President ElectChloe Lettington (Law, Mansfield College)
Treasurer ElectKhadija Khatun (Law, St John’s College)
Social SecretaryAngus Duncan (Law, Wadham College)
Events OfficerBen Atkins (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Events OfficerLouis Skinner (Chemistry, Wadham College)
Membership OfficerOluwatoni Adejuyigbe (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Membership OfficerMaddy Hayes (Law, Jesus College)
Membership OfficerSubha Kumar (Law, Lincoln College)
Marketing OfficerJosh Clements (Law, St John’s College)
Marketing OfficerSuzy Norman (Law, Jesus College)
Ball OfficerLynn Chua (Law, Wadham College)
Ball OfficerAli Qureshi (Law, Worcester College)
Verdict EditorCatherine Fellows (Law, Christchurch)
PresidentTom Fadden (Law, Lincoln College)
Vice PresidentMia Le Coyte (Law, Exeter College)
TreasurerJoe Gourgey (Law, St Hilda’s College)
SecretaryCatrin Norton (Law, Jesus College)
President ElectJeremy Yao (Law, St Edmund’s Hall)
Vice President ElectSophie Aitmehdi (Law, Regent’s Park College)
Treasurer ElectAli Wathan (Law, Somerville College)
Social SecretaryBen Shelley (Economics and Management, St Hilda’s College)
Publicity SecretaryGemma Mills (Law, New College)
Events ManagerAngus Duncan (Law, Wadham College)
Membership ManagerAmith Yedugondla (Law, St John’s College)
Membership SecretaryKhadija Khatun (Law, St John’s College)
Ball SecretaryMadeleine Fox (Law, Lincoln College)
Ball SecretaryZoe Jinadu (Chinese, St Anne’s College)
Diversity OfficerLynn Chua (Law, Wadham College)
Verdict EditorChole Lettington (Law, Mansfield College)
Deputy Verdict EditorBen Atkins (Law, St Hilda’s College)
PresidentChantal Olavesen (Law with French Law, Magdalen College)
Vice PresidentLeanne Chen (Law, St John’s College)
TreasurerHena Patel (Law, New College)
SecretaryMadeleine Fox (Law, Lincoln College)
President ElectTom Fadden (Law, Lincoln College)
Vice President ElectMia La Coyte (Law, Exeter College)
Treasurer ElectJoe Gourgey (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Publicity SecretaryCatrin Norton (Law, Jesus College)
Membership ManagerJeremy Yao (Law, St Edmund’s Hall)
Ball SecretaryMarianna Hunt (French and Russian, Wadham College)
Ball Secretary Sophie Aitmehdi (Law, Regent’s Park College)
Verdict Editor Amith Yedugondla (Law, St John’s College)
Deputy Verdict EditorChloe Lettington (Law, Mansfield College)
Events ManagerGemma Mills (Law, New College)
Events ManagerAngus Duncan (Law, Wadham College)
Diversity Officer and Social SecretaryKiran Modi (PPE, Mansfield College)
Social SecretaryBen Shelley (Economics and Management, St Hilda’s College)
PresidentNick Wood (Geography, St Hilda’s College)
Vice PresidentAmol Chalisgaonkar (Law, New College)
TreasurerLaura Roberts (Geography, St Hilda’s College)
SecretaryAmy Cave-Browne-Cave (Law, New College)
President ElectGeorgina Candy (Law, Exeter College)
Vice President ElectElizabeth Shorland (Law, Lincoln College)
Treasurer ElectMatthew Hoyle (Law, St John’s College)
Diversity OfficerKiran Modi (PPE, Mansfield College)
Membership ManagerAlly White (Law, Lincoln College)
Membership SecretaryCharlotte Woodland (Law, Worcester College)
Deputy Verdict EditorHelena Loutas-Paraskeva (Law, St Hilda’s College)
Mistress of MootsBeth Broomfield (English, St Hilda’s College)
Social SecretaryNicholas Shekerdemian (Oriental Studies, Wadham College)
Social SecretaryHarry Woodcock (Chemistry, University College)
Ball SecretaryAnna Goodridge (French and Italian, New College)
Ball SecretaryCarlota Esguevillas (Geography, St Hilda’s College)
Publicity SecretaryLaura Harrison (History, Exeter College)

Lists compiled by Nobel Basser and Jacob Alston